Sherlock's Veiled Secret

Sherlock's Veiled Secret

by K.C. Brown

May 2019: 3, 4, 5*, 10, 11, 12*

Violet Sheridan, a young sculptress, is summoned to meet a retired Sherlock Holmes and learns some distressing information concerning her birthright. A case of blackmail puts in peril the life of Mr. Holmes as well as her parents, leaving Violet to deduce and out-wit to save Holmes and rescue her parents from danger. This gripping drama is sure to delight fans of the Sherlock Holmes canon as well as those new to the stories of Mr. Holmes.


Dine & Donate!

Wednesday, April 24 5-8 PM

Modern Market Eatery

The easiest and tastiest way to raise money for RLT. Meet up with former cast and crew mates. Bring friends, bring family, bring anyone who likes yummy food.

Just mention this fundraiser and 50% of proceeds will be donated to Rockville Little Theatre.

Modern Market Eatery - 1627 Rockville Pike, Rockville (Congressional Plaza)


Free Your Natural Voice!

Introductory Linklater Voice Class

May 8 - June 12
Wednesdays 7-10 pm

As part of its educational outreach, Rockville Little Theatre is delighted to offer an Introductory Linklater Voice class, taught by Natalie McManus.

Natalie McManus
Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified Forensics (Public Speaking) Coach, and Actor with over 30 years of experience.

This six-week class is intended for anyone interested in developing a greater freedom, flexibility, and confidence in their voice, whether they be actors, teachers, singers, or career professionals. Through a detailed progression of exercises, we will work on relaxation, physical awareness and alignment, breathing, resonance, and articulation. We will also explore how the voice works, and why is does not work. This is a speaking voice class, but it will benefit singers.

Classes will be held on Wednesday nights from 7-10pm at the Glenview Mansion Cottage.

Class dates are May 8-June 12th. The cost is $180. Ages 18 and older.

Class size is limited, so register today here.

Participants should wear elastic or drawstring pants (no jeans), and a comfortable top. We will work in socks or bare feet.

Our 2019-2020 Season at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre

Arsenic and Old Lace
by Joseph Kesselring
directed by Tristan Poje

Murder! Mayhem! Madcap fun! Meet the Brewsters! Two charming sisters live in the family home in Brooklyn, offering rooms-to-rent, while populating their cellar with the remains of “acceptable” lodgers. The nephew who lives with them thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, another nephew has a criminal record and is on the run, and the third nephew is a Broadway theater critic who is recently engaged to a lovely young woman. Family entertainment at its looniest!

September 27, 28, 39, October 4, 5, 6

A Raisin in the Sun
by Lorraine Hansberry
directed by Kevin Sockwell

Set in Chicago’s South Side in the 1950s, this racially relevant classic depicts the dreams and ambitions of the Younger family as they await and then receive a life-altering insurance check. Faced with daily tensions, prejudice and a harsh reality, the family struggles to maintain dignity amidst the chaos.

January 2020: 24, 25, 26, 31, February 1, 2

She Stoops to Conquer
by Oliver Goldsmith
directed by Jennifer Georgia

Two well-bred young men arrive at the country estate of Mr. Hardcastle, intending to court his daughter Kate and her cousin Constance, but when local mischief-maker Tony Lumpkin plays a practical joke on the two urbanites, the Hardcastle household is launched into a dizzying, deliciously frothy romp that examines romance and social manners as well as the art of love.

May 2020: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

And at the Arts Barn...

The Spitfire Grill
Music and Book by James Valcq, Lyrics and Book by Fred Alley, based on the film by Lee David Zlotoffh
directed by Terri Magers
musical direction by Arielle Bayer

A feisty parolee follows her dreams to a small town in Wisconsin and finds a place for herself working at Hannah's Spitfire Grill. It is for sale but there are no takers for the only eatery in the depressed town, so newcomer Percy suggests to Hannah that she raffle it off. Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why you want the grill wins. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow full and things are definitely cookin' at the Spitfire Grill.

March 2020: 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22

Our Season
The Diary of Anne Frank

by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
adapted by Wendy Kesselman

September 2018: 28, 29, 30*
October 5, 6, 7*


A Christmas Story

adapted by Philip Grecian
written by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown and Bob Clark

November: 24+, 25*, 30
December 1+, 2*, 7, 8+, 9*


Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

by John Bishop

February 2019: 1, 2, 3*, 8, 9, 10*



Sherlock's Veiled Secret

by K.C. Brown

May 2019: 3, 4, 5*, 10, 11, 12*