The Diary of Anne Frank

by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell

Monday, July 9
Wednesday, July 11
at 7 PM both nights

Please plan to arrive no later than 7:30.

Auditions will include monologues and cold readings from the script, individually and in groupings. Please be prepared to list your conflicts (i.e, dates when you can’t attend rehearsals).

Auditions will be held at the Cottage, 603 Edmonston Drive, Rockville, MD 20851.

Callbacks, if needed, will be on Thursday, July 12 at 7 PM

No appointments. All roles are unpaid.

All our shows use Open Casting, with no roles pre-selected. RLT is committed to diversity, open to non-traditional casting, and will consider actors of all ethnicities.

Audition form available here. Download it, fill it out, print it out, and bring it to auditions.

Conflict calendar available here. Download it, print it out, fill it out, and bring it to auditions.

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Performance Dates

September 2018: 28, 29, 30*
October 5, 6, 7*

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
* Sunday Matinees at 2 pm

Production Staff


Pauline Griller-Mitchell


David Levin

Assistant Director

John Bartkowiak

Stage Manager

Jennifer Dorsey

Assistant Stage Manager

Christine Hurst

Assistant Stage Manager

Courtney James


Dan Mitchell

Set Designer/ Master Carpenter

Eric Henry

Lighting Designer

Jim Robertson


Steve Deming

Sound Designer

Matthew Ratz

Sound Operations - Mics

Mike Wolyniec

Props/Set Dressing

Sonya Okin

Costume Designer

Harlene Leahy

Hair & Make-up

Malca Giblin

Stage Armaments

Brian Dettling

Cast of Characters

Anne Frank - Young girl petite full of energy and vitality - must appear 13 - during the play Anne becomes aware of her developing body and the changes taking place from a girl to a woman - please note this adaptation calls for Anne's sexual awakening (F - must appear 13)

Otto Frank - Anne's father - gentle kind man - who tries to keep everybody's spirits up (M - 45-55)

Edith Frank - Anne's mother (F - 40s)

Margot Frank - Anne's sister (F - 16)

Miep Gies - Mr Kraler's assistant - she brings news and food, etc to the Franks - kind woman (F - 45-55)

Peter van Daan - Shy awkward young boy - like Anne during their two year confinement becomes aware of his own sexual awakening (M - 16)

Mrs van Daan - Smart, elegant, snobbish, arrives wearing her fur coat which she will not give up under any circumstances (F - 50+)

Mr van Daan - Older than Mrs van Daan by several years (M - 55+)

Mr Dussel - A dentist by profession (M - 50+)

Mr Kraler - Owns the premises - and has organized the annex ready for the arrival of the Franks and the van Daans (M - 55+)


This new adaptation brings us into the secret annex where 13-year-old Anne and seven other Jews evade Nazi deportation. For over two years, all that will stand between them and the concentration camps is their trust in one another and the bravery of those harboring them. Anne's compelling words come alive and urge us to stand up for one another in the face of intolerance, fear, and hate.

Setting: A secret annex