Rockville Little Theatre

A Raisin in the Sun

By Lorraine Hansberry

Directed by Kevin Sockwell

Please plan to arrive no later than a half hour after the start time.* Attend on the date that is more convenient.

Auditions will include cold readings from the script, individually and in groupings. Please be prepared to list your conflicts (i.e, dates when you can’t attend rehearsals).

Auditions will be held at the
Location TBD

Callbacks will be scheduled if needed.

No appointments. All roles are unpaid.

All our shows use Open Casting, with no roles pre-selected. RLT is committed to diversity, open to non-traditional casting, and will consider actors of all ethnicities. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

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*Directors love actors who arrive on time.

Performance Dates

January 2020: 24, 25, 26*, 31
February 1, 2*

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
* Sunday Matinees at 2 pm

Production Staff


Kevin Sockwell


Ken Kemp


David Levin

Stage Manager

Aaron Skolnik

Assistant Stage Manager

Emily Meyers

Set Designer

Maggie Modig

Master Carpenter

Narcy Klag

Light Designer

Steve Deming

Costume Designer

Laura W. Andruski

Property Master/Set Dressing

Anne Cary


Venice Harris

Vocal Coach

Natalie McManus


Nancy Carlin

Body Mic Operator

Mike Wolyniec

Cast of Characters

Walter Younger - A dreamer who wants to be rich and devises plans to to so by purchasing a liquor store with friends from his mother's inheritance. (M- 30-40)

Ruth Younger - Walter's wife and Travis's mother. Struggles to manage the household under the critical eye of Lena and dealing with Walter's pie in the sky dreams. (F- 30-40)

Lena Younger (Mama) - Walter and Beneatha's mother. Religious, moral and maternal family matriarch. (F)

Beneatha Younger (Bennie) - Lena's daughter and Walter's sister. Most educated one of the family who dreams of being a doctor and is in love with Assagai. (F- 20)

Joseph Asagai - Called Asagai. A charming, dapper Nigerian student in love with Beneatha. (M- 20s)

George Murchison - A wealthy African-American who also courts Beneatha. (M- 20s)

Karl Lindner - Caucasian man who attempts to convince the Youngers not to move into a rich, all-white neighborhood. (M)

Bobo - Mentally challenged and a partner with Walter in buying the liquor store. (M)

Travis Younger - Walter and Ruth's son. (M- 9-12)


Set in Chicago's South Side in the 1950s, this racially relevant classic depicts the dreams and ambitions of the Younger family as they await and then receive a life-altering insurance check. Faced with daily tensions, prejudice and a harsh reality, the family struggles to maintain dignity amidst the chaos.

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