A Flea in her Ear

Oct 2012
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October 2012: 5, 6, 7*, 12, 13, 14*

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
* Sunday Matinees at 2 pm

Adapted by

David Ives

From the play by

Georges Feydeau

Directed by Laura W. Andruski

The greatest of French farces, perhaps the greatest farce ever written. Raymonde Chandebise suspects that her husband, Victor, a placid and successful insurance executive, is secretly having an affair. To find out, she and her friend Lucienne write him an anonymous love letter suggesting a rendezvous at the shady Frisky Puss Hotel. Thinking the letter was intended for his coworker, the gigolo Tournel, Victor sends Tournel off to make the rendezvous in his place. Lucienne’s jealous Spanish husband, meanwhile, finds the letter, recognizes his wife’s handwriting and takes his pistols to the Frisky Puss, hoping to catch her in the act.

Cast of Characters

Victor Chandebise/Poche

Chris Penick


Kryss Lacovaro

Camille Chandebise

Darrell Andruski


Amanda Gordon

Don Carlos Homenides

Dean Fiala

Dr. Finache

Bill Byrnes

Romain Tournel

Noah Steurer


Emily Mullin


Carl West


Eric Henry


Elizabeth Weiss


Alexandra Correa


Art Salwin


Patrick Pase

Production Staff


Laura W. Andruski


David Levin


Andrea Palmer-Kibbe

Stage Manager

Sarah Randles

Master Carpenter

William Kolodrubetz

Set Designer

Eric Henry

Costume Designer

Gene's Costumes

Properties/Set Dressing

Andrea Palmer-Kibbe

Properties/Set Dressing

Laura W. Andruski

Light Designer

James Robertson

Sound Designer

Kevin O'Connell

Stage Arms

Brian Dettling

A Flea in her Ear

A Flea in her Ear

A Flea in her Ear