A Christmas Story

adapted by Philip Grecian

written by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown and Bob Clark

Directed by Ken Kemp

Monday, July 16
Tuesday, July 17
at 7 PM both nights

Please plan to arrive no later than 7:30.

Auditions will include cold readings from the script, individually and in groupings. Please be prepared to list your conflicts (i.e, dates when you can’t attend rehearsals).

Auditions will be held at the Pump House, 401 S Horners Lane, Rockville, MD 20850.

Callbacks, if needed, will be on Thursday, July 19 at 7 PM

No appointments. All roles are unpaid.

All our shows use Open Casting, with no roles pre-selected. RLT is committed to diversity, open to non-traditional casting, and will consider actors of all ethnicities.

Audition form available here. Download it, print it out, fill it outand bring it to auditions.

For more information about auditions, contact the production team at

Thanksgiving Week Tech

The show has tech week during Thanksgiving week and opens the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While there will be no rehearsal on Thanksgiving Day itself, there will be rehearsals the remainder of the week.

Performance Dates

Performed at The Gaithersburg Arts Barn

November 2018: 24+, 25*, 30
December 1+, 2*, 7, 8+, 9*

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
* Sunday Matinees at 2 pm
+ Shows at 2 pm and 8 pm

Production Staff


Ken Kemp

Set Designer

Bill Brown

Stage Manager

Aaron Skolnik

Master Carpenter

Steven Leshin

Master Carpenter

Narcy Clagg

Sound Designer

Matthew Datcher

Lighting Designer

Steve Deming

Property Master

Melody Wang


Mandy Mossman

Sound Ops

Alexandra Correa

Light Ops

Anastasia Rittenhousesmith

Oatmeal Wrangler

Laura Griffith

Kid Wrangler

Kristen Davis

Production Assistant

Deborah Choi-Flores

Vocal Coach

Natalie McManus

Cast of Characters

Ralphie Parker - Typical young schoolboy, circa 1938. More than anything, he wants a Red Ryder Air Rifle for Christmas, and he spends the entire play scheming how to get one. (M - 9-11)

Ralph Parker - Ralphie as an adult. He narrates the story, sets the stage, and occasionally interacts with the characters in the story. Warm and folksy - he's like the Stage Manager in Our Town, but more fun and lighthearted. (M - late-20s-late-40s)

The Old Man - Ralphie's father, a good provider who isn't always aware of what goes on around him. Typical 1930's and 40's dad. (M - mid-30s-late-40s)

The Mother - Ralphie's mother, the calm voice of reason in the Parker home. Needs good comic timing, especially with subtle actions, gestures, and visual "bits" - she runs the household (F - mid-30s-late-40s)

Randy - Ralphie's younger brother. Tags along with Ralphie and his friends, and likes to hide in different places around the house (cupboards, behind furniture, etc.). Strong visual humor skills and facial expressions. (M - 6-8 [or play/read that age])

Miss Shields - Ralphie's teacher (F - 20s-70s)

Scut Farkus - Neighborhood bully (M 9-12)

Flick - Ralphie's friend (M 9-11)

Schwartz - Ralphie's friend (M 9-11)

Esther Jane Alberry - Ralphie's classmate (F 9-11)

Helen Weathers - Ralphie's classmate (F 9-11)

Roxanne -

Kid - Ralphie's classmate

Kid - Ralphie's classmate

Kid - Ralphie's classmate


Christmas is just around the corner, and Ralphie Parker wants a shiny, new Red Ryder Air Rifle more than anything in the world. In the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve, he wages a full-scale campaign to convince his parents that he just HAS to have one, enlisting the aid of his school chums, his unwitting teacher, and even SANTA himself. This live action show is true to the classic, beloved holiday movie.

Setting: Hohman, Indiana (1938)