Radium Girls

Performance Dates

April 2018: 27, 28, 29*
May 4, 5, 6*

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm
* Sunday Matinees at 2 pm

By D. W. Gregory

Directed by Tristan Poje


Radium Girls

Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls is a fast moving drama that follows Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights not just her former employer, but her family and friends, who fear the cost of justice. This provocative story is a wry, steadfast examination of what America truly values.

Cast of Characters

Most actors will play multiple roles. Not all roles need to be gender-specific.

Grace Fryer - A top-notch dialpainter, 15 at the start of the play, 26 at its close.

Kathryn Schaub - Her friend, another dialpainter, also 15 at the start of the play.

Irene Rudolph - Kathryn's cousin, 17 at the start of the play. Later she is in her 20s.

Mrs. Alma MacNeil - Their supervisor.

Arthur Roeder - President of the U.S. Radium Corp., 34 at start of the play, 65 at its close.

Edward Markley - Counsel for the company.

C.B. 'Charlie' Lee - Vice president, later president of the company.

Dr. Von Sochocky - Founder of U.S. Radium Corp., inventor of the luminous paint.

Tom Krieder - Grace's boyfriend, several years older than she.

Diane Roeder - Married to Arthur Roeder.

Harriet Roeder - Their daughter. Nine years old at first, later she is in her 30s.

Anna Fryer - Grace's mother.

Katherine Wiley - The executive director, New Jersey Consumer's League.

Raymond Berry - An attorney for the dialpainters.

Dr. Cecil Drinker - A Harvard industrial hygienist.

Dr. Harrison Martland - The county medical examiner.

Dr. Joseph Knef - A dentist.

Dr. Marie Curie - Discovered radium.

Frederick Flinn, Ph.D. - Columbia University industrial hygienist.

Reporter (Jack Youngwood) - A reporter, Newark Ledger.

Sob Sister (Nancy Jane Harlan) - A tabloid reporter, New York Graphic.

William J.A. Bailey - An entrepreneur, manufacturer of Radithor.

Mrs. Michaels - A consumer of Radithor.

Society Woman - Mrs. James (Cora) Middleton, a well-bred woman.

Clerk - An overworked public employee.

Production Staff


Tristan Poje

Assistant Director/ Stage Manager

Kristen Skolnik


David Levin


Howard Williams

Master Carpenter

Stever Leshin

Set Designer

Maggie Modig


Steve Deming

Properties Master/ Set Dresser

Anne Cary